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The United Nations and its Agencies: Unequal Financial Allocations, Mistreatment of Israel and Straying from its Mandates

This paper examines the United Nations’ and its agencies’ unequal financial allocations, mistreatment of Israel, and breach of its mandates. It covers almost 30 UN institutions:
executive and judicial organs and committees. While it does not cover all misconduct at the UN, it highlights an alarming pattern in the way the UN operates. Analysis of some of the individual bodies demonstrates that the UN treats the State of Israel unfairly and unequally. Subtle bias consisting of inflammatory language in resolutions and excessive spending on certain projects constitute discriminatory practices.

Official UN websites were examined to determine the institutions’ overall function, budget, sources of funding, membership selection criteria, and connection to Israel. Information, however, was of ten difficult to obtain. For example, accessing clear and detailed budget information proved difficult; this in itself arouses concern, because the UN is funded by taxpayers’ money from various countries — most importantly the United States. For this reason, information was also obtained from reputable NGOs whose goal is to increase transparency and clarify internal proceedings at the UN.
The actions of many UN organs and subsidiaries involving Israel were individually analyzed. Aspects examined included the language and terminology used and the institution’s ostensible function, membership, utilization of its financial resources, and agenda. While problems were found at over thirty other bodies, the institutions showcased in this paper demonstrate a clear bias against Israel in the allocation of funds and breach of their mandates. The paper uses this information and analysis to formulate recommendations for making the UN more transparent, efficient, and fair.

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